More hemmeroid symptoms

Hemmeroid symptoms - signs of hemmroids - if you know them, you can take the precautionary hemmoroids measures early and avoid development of problems like prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Hemmeroid symptoms

hemmeroid pictures symptoms


Hemmeroid symptoms

Bleeding is one of the most typical symptoms of hemorroids, often bright red. Often but not always combined with pain, especially during bowel movement. Sometimes the blood in a hemroid (hemorrhoid) can coagulate, the result being a trombotised hemmorroid which can cause severe pain.

A patient with hemorrhoids will have small "pockets" on each side of the hemmroid. Stool may stay in these pockets and later leak out causing hygienic problems, which is very common with hemmeroids. This can also lead to hemmroid itching, sometimes rather severe hemmeroid itching.

An external hemorrhoid will be ball-shaped and located just outside your anus. The hemmroid may be very painful when filled with blood and maybe also infected. There is also often anal hemmoroid itching occuring due to the traumatisation of the skin around the anus from the hemmeroid. This comes from toilet paper (excessive use of), soaps and creams used (sometimes containing perfumes which are irritating).

Secondary problems - yeast infections 

Yeast infections and other parasite infections can also occur as secondary problems to hemmroids (hemmoroids) due to the strain on the anal skin tissue.


Haemmoroids can be either internal or external. Haemroids of the external, or prolapsed type of hemmerhoids are often the worst as there is more risk these hemriods will start bleeding or become inflamed. Internal haemmoroids can sometimes prolapse during a bowel movement and then go back again. Treatment of haemroids (hemmeroids) can range from herbal cures to haemmroid surgery. Pictures of hemmeroids are available on the net for your reference.

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Drinking pure water is important to keep your body in balance and with some diseases or conditions like bowel problems, hemorrhoids, and many others it becomes even more important.